VirtualBSD 10.0 is a desktop ready FreeBSD 10.0-RELEASE built around the XFCE Desktop Environment and is distributed as a Virtual Machine that can be used with VMware or VirtualBox, so even non techies can be up and running in no time — and upgrading to 10.1 is supported too.

However, we also wanted to provide good aesthetics and usability, therefore we added many of the most common applications, plugins and multimedia codecs. In other words, chances are that you will find VirtualBSD very functional "right out of the box".

Intended Audience

VirtualBSD is squarely aimed at people who:

1) Heard about it, but have never tried FreeBSD;

2) Wanted to, but didn't have enough time to build the system from scratch;

3) Used FreeBSD in the past, but have since moved to a different OS and are struck by nostalgia from time to time;

But you know what? We think that FreeBSD really deserves a bigger following, so if we can motivate even a single person to upgrade from this virtual installation to a real one we'll feel that our mission has been accomplished! ;-)

Installed Applications (but you can update them)

The full list of the installed applications would be way too long (and boring) but here's some of the most notable inclusions: 

Firefox 28.0

Thunderbird 24.4

Pidgin 2.10.9

Xchat 2.8.8

LibreOffice 4.1.5

Gimp 2.8.10

VLC 2.1.2

Transmission 2.82

Clementine Player 1.2.1

Samba 3.6.23

CUPS 5.2.8

Also, we've added a handful of SSBs (Site Specific Browsers) for all-time favorites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Mail, Google Plus,  etc. Better yet, you'll be able to add your own quickly and easily.

Download Information

Please, see the Download Page for the details.

Contact Information

While we cannot help with problems related to FreeBSD itself, your feedback is very welcome at

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