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Why VirtualBSD?

FreeBSD is a very well regarded OS but, regrettably, it's not exactly popular -- especially on the destkop. 

Although other desktop oriented offerings based on FreeBSD exist, we are so partial to the XFCE Desktop Environment that we have built VirtualBSD around it, added many useful applications, and distribute the result as Virtual Machine.

What Does Desktop Ready Mean?

It means that the most common applications, plugins and multimedia codecs are preinstalled, so you will find VirtualBSD to be very functional "right out of the box".

However, this is a genuine FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE, which means that both the old timers and the curious are free to experiment as they please in the knowledge that they are dealing with The Real Thing.  In this respect, desktop ready doesn't mean desktop only.

What Are The Requirements?

VirtualBSD is a virtual appliance, which means you will need:

Windows and Linux: VMware Player / Workstation / Server or VirtualBox.

Mac OS X: VMware Fusion or VirtualBox.

RAM: 1 GB for the virtual machine and possibly at least as much for the host OS (but check this tip to use less).

Disk Space: About 8 GB (the VM itself takes nearly 6 GB).

Why a Virtual Appliance?

Although the term has become another buzzword, virtual appliances are the best way to eliminate the installation and configuration efforts associated with running complex stacks of software. Better yet, since the hardware is virtualized, you don't have to worry about getting the right entries in the right configuration files (but you can still learn and practice if you wish).

Does The World Really Need Another FreeBSD Distribution?

Probably not but, in our defense, this not a "distribution" or distro in common parlance. Remember that VirtualBSD is built on FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE,which means that anyone with a bit of time (and lots of patience) could obtain the same result. If nothing else, we like to think of VirtualBSD as a technology demonstrator -- and a good looking one at that!

Where Do I Get It?

Why, from the Download Page, of course!

What Is The Username/Password?!?

The information is contained in Readme.txt (part of the VirtualBSD-90.zip archive) but it's been asked often enough that is worth repeating it here:

Username: virtualbsd

Password: virtualbsd

Root's password: root4u

Note: You can even "sudo anything" if you supply virtualbsd's password.

What About VirtualBox?

VirtualBSD is somewhat compatible with VirtualBox, but not in its distributed form. However, we provide a tutorial (and a script) to make the conversion process as streamlined as possible. Check the VirtualBox tab at the top of the page for the details!

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